Flu Season: Influenza Vaccinations Information

Influenza is unpredictable. While flu spreads every year, the timing, severity, and length of the season varies from one season to another.

William Beaumont Army Medical Center begins itís influenza campaign when vaccines are available. This happens usually during the month of October, when new vaccines are obtained for all TRICARE beneficiaries, WBAMC staff and employees. The influenza campaign is over when 100% of hospital staff are vaccinated, 100% of Fort Bliss active duty service members are vaccinated, and all family members and remaining TRICARE beneficiaries receive the vaccine upon request and availability.


Beginning on October 15, 2019, TRICARE beneficiaries can begin receiving the influenza vaccine at their primary care clinic either by walk-in or appointment.

Active duty service members will have unit flu vaccine drives where commanders can ensure the health and readiness of their troops. If you are active-duty, please see your chain of command for this information.

Retirees and Veterans can receive the flu vaccine through the El Paso Veterans clinic, their primary care clinic, or through an approved TRICARE network pharmacy.

All TRICARE beneficiaries can participate with a TRICARE approved network pharmacy. Please be sure to obtain the following information for your primary care provider, in order to update your records:

All TRICARE beneficiaries can attend one of the many open-to-the-public events to be held at Fort Bliss Freedomís Crossing. Please be sure to bring your military ID.

School-age flu drives will be done at the following elementary schools: Milam, Logan, Bliss and Powell Elementary Schools. These drives are meant for children attending these schools who are covered under TRICARE, and their family members. Parents should ensure they attend with their military ID cards.

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