Appointments for WBAMC

William Beaumont Army Medical Center has established a centralized appointment center that will handle all medical appointment scheduling for our local beneficiary population. Instead of having our patients call multiple numbers to schedule appointments, our patients need to know just one of two numbers, 915-742-CARE (2273), or toll-free 1-800-831-0919. These numbers will put our patients in contact with our appointment center staff who can assist our patient with either their primary care or specialty care appointment needs.

The hours of operation for the MTF appointment center are from 6:45 AM to 3:45 PM, Monday thru Friday. The appointment center will be closed on weekends and federal holidays. Historically call volume is at it’s highest during the morning hours on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. If you need to access the appointment center during these times to schedule routine (non-emergent) care appointments, please make your call after 9:30 AM for better service.

Same-Day or Acute Appointments

Urgent care appointments can be made by calling 915-742-CARE (2273). Patients are seen by appointment only. 1AD and 11 ADA Brigade Soldiers need to go through their respective unit sick call/aid stations procedures. All other Soldiers will use the Central Appointment line at 915-742-CARE (2273).

Routine Appointments

Primary care appointments with your assigned Primary Care Manager (PCM), or team, for evaluation and treatment of a new medical problem. Appointments can be made by calling the appointment center.

Specialty Appointments

Appointments based on PCM initiated referrals or consults for specialty care at William Beaumont Army Medical Center. All specialty care will be provided at the MTF, and appointments will be scheduled through the appointment center.

Follow-Up Appointments

If your Primary and Specialty care provider would like for you to follow-up with a appointment within 5 weeks from your visit, you can schedule the appointment by contacting the appointment center staff.