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Admin for Graduate Medical 915-742-2521
Requests for Verifications 915-742-2597
Medical Student Coordinator 915-742-3243   915-742-2521
Fax 915-742-6668
Business Hours Monday to Friday - 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

William Beaumont Army Medical Center provides medical graduate students with the best and most modern health care facilities in the U.S. Army. We place a special emphasis on training and helping new medical professionals like yourself complete your medical training in a positive environment.

Modern Healthcare Facility

The William Beaumont Army Medical Center is one of the Army's most modern health care facilities. In fulfilling our mission to provide comprehensive medical support to the U.S. Army, we place special emphasis on helping medical professionals like yourself complete your medical training in a positive atmosphere. The size of our facility, large number of patients treated, and our quality medical staff will provide you with an unparalleled and enriching experience. The almost perfect climate, unique multi-cultural community, diverse recreational activities, and low cost of living make the El Paso area ideal for physicians, both single and those with families. This section of the webpage will provide a brief introduction to the WBAMC and some of the benefits of joining us for your clinical clerkship and post-graduate medical education.

Our Mission

The mission of the GME at WBAMC is to train physicians, medical students and other health care professionals. This mission is met by placing equal emphasis on patient care, teaching and research. WBAMC utilizes the Composite Health Care System (a.k.a. CHCS). This system is used for patient data recording, ordering labs/procedures/medications, as well as for reviewing the results of labs and procedures. You can find out about other functions in the CHCS links section on the main webpage.

Welcome Packets

Welcome Packets containing pictures of the area and maps are available for all who are interested in learning more about us. For more information regarding doing a 3rd or 4th year clinical rotation, or further graduate medical education at William Beaumont Army Medical Center, you may call us at 915-742-2521 or DSN 979-2521. In addition, you may wish to view our general hospital Orientation Package online.


Request for physician verifications should be processed by calling 915-742-2597 or faxed to 915-742-6668 with a signed release from the physician.

Lodging for Military Clerkship Rotations

Please ask about our free onsite lodging accommodations for military medical students. For more information please contact our Medical Student Coordinator at 915-742-3243 or the Administrator for Graduate Medical Education at 915-742-2521.


The GME Office schedules all MSIV USUHS and HPSP clerkships

WBAMC Medical Student Coordinator 915-742-3243

For all HPSP medical student not on ADT we must have a current memorandum of agreement on file, agreements must be started two/three months before the student begins their clerkship rotation.

Required Information: Medical students must provide the following information at least two months before start date of rotations. If required information is not provided, rotation will be cancelled.

Letter of Good Standing from your school

Current Immunizations

HIPAA training certificate

Copy of Basic Life Support (BLS) card (ACLS is not a substitute for BLS)

Blank school evaluation form

Access to the Installation: Must have military identification, drivers' license, car insurance, vehicle registration or rental vehicle agreement.

Facility Access: Medical students are issued a GME Medical Student badge with access to required areas. Badges are controlled items and must be worn on outer garment from the waist up at all times. Badges will be returned when medical student outprocess GME.

Inprocessing: Arrive no later than 0800, first floor of the main hospital by the mail elevators on Monday, if a federal holiday inprocessing will take place on Tuesday. Please have with you two sets of your orders, CAC card, two forms of ID if you do not have a CAC card have with your two forms of identification.

White Coat: Please bring and wear your white coat.

Certificate of Information Awareness

Proof of computer training on Essentris, CHCS and AHLTA

Interviews: Interviews are scheduled directly with the departments. Medical Student coordinator can provide program information.

GME Outprocessing: Medical student coordinator will outprocess all medical students on their last day of rotation. Outprocessing is mandatory. Medical Student coordinator will help with travel vouchers.

Transitional Year Internship

Contact Us

GME Office 915-742-2521
DSN 979-2521
You may email the director at

The Transitional Internship Program accepts 7-14 Residents per year. The program is designed to give the Transitional a broad educational base and, at the same time, meet the ACGME requirements for accreditation. Two weeks of leave/vacation time are allotted for interns. Also, every intern (except USUHS graduates) will go on TDY (usually 8 days) to successfully complete the C4 training (Combat Casualty Care Course-comprised of ATLS and Field Training) offered at Fort Sam Houston. There are 13 four-week rotations as follows:

WBAMC’s Transitional Year Program includes three slots for preselected applicants. They are:

In addition to 11 “traditional” transitional slots per year.
The Department of Graduate Medical Education understands that you may have special interest in a certain field of training. We will always work with you in trying to modify your schedule when possible to better your training in your interested field and assist in any way possible with the match process. Unfortunately “audition” rotations at other facilities are not authorized. One or two permissive TDYs will be granted, schedule permitting, to interview at other facilities.
We only accept applicants with US Military Service Obligation. You may email the director at

Training Verifications

Physician training will be verified for internships/residencies completed at William Beaumont Army Medical Center (WBAMC) in El Paso, Texas.

Send or Fax:

  • Physician's Full name
  • Training to be verified
  • Training dates
  • Complete mailing address
  • Point of Contract information
  • Physician's authorization


William Beaumont
Army Medical Center

ATTN: Graduate Medical Education
5005 North Piedras Street
El Paso, Texas 79920-5001

Include self-addressed stamped envelope.


915-742-2597, 915-742-2521