Residency Program

Message for Visiting Medical Students

Welcome students to WBAMC!!! We are excited to have you and we integrate you quickly as a member of our team. Our strength here at WBAMC is the ability of our students to be intricately involved in the treatment plan of our patients. Students come away from this rotation loving the teaching that they receive here from our faculty. We aim to continue for that to be our greatest strength.

Refer to the rest of our website for details about our residency program. We want to ultimately convince you that this is the place you want to do your residency.

Mission Statement for Medical Students

We have rotations in all our core and elective rotations

Core Rotations

Students should coordinate with the Office of Graduate Medical Education, (915) 742-2521 or (915) 742-3243. The medical student’s responsibilities will be similar to an intern’s, but with more supervision.

Keep each section and subsection focused — a good approach is to include one theme (topic) per section.