General Surgery Residency Program

Teaching Conferences

The most important clinical teaching occurs at the clinical teaching conferences which deal with the presentation, management, surgery, post-operative care and complications of actual patients. At these conferences the theoretical and basic science principles learned through reading textbooks and journals are applied and discussed in the actual care of patients.

Morning Report (Every Morning at 6:45 AM)

The Resident SOD presents all admissions and consults from the previous evening and selected cases from the previous day as directed by staff. This includes the appropriate lab and x-ray data. These cases are then discussed by the staff and residents. The progress and disposition of all inpatients is recounted by each of the Ward Teams.

SICU Rounds

Following morning report, the ICU staff and ICU residents conduct SICU rounds and X-ray review. Here the progress, problems, and treatment plans of each ICU patient are presented in open forum. All pertinent inpatient X-ray studies are then reviewed. Residents gain insight into current status of each patient, the management strategy for every SICU patient and ultimately the broadest possible critical care experience during their five years of training.

Core Curriculum (Every Wednesday at 7:00 AM)

A weekly faculty moderated presentation/discussion covering basic science and core general surgery subjects. Interval testing is used to provide feedback for the residents and staff.

M & M Conference (Every Wednesday morning after lecture)

The morbidities and mortalities from the previous week are critically reviewed by the responsible operating surgeons in open forum. Cases with particular teaching value are more formally presented by a selected resident with a brief slide presentation (see M&M format). Pathology and autopsy results are essential to the discussion and must be known by the presenting resident.

Preop Conference (Every Wednesday morning)

All proposed elective surgical cases are presented in preop conference by the operating resident surgeon. The presenting surgeon must demonstrate a knowledge of the indications, pertinent diagnostic studies, patient history, physical exam, technical aspects of the surgery proposed and post-op care plan. Pertinent radiologic slides, old operation reports and any other data germane to the case will be present at Preop Conference for staff review. The staff member assigned to each case must be informed and the case discussed the night before Preop Conference.

Tumor Board (Every Wednesday afternoon)

A weekly multidisciplinary teaching conference open to the entire hospital staff reviews selected tumor cases. The patient presentation, diagnostic work-up, and pathology are reviewed and options for treatment to include surgery and multi-modality therapy are discussed.

Staff Ward Rounds

Attending surgeons conduct formal and informal weekly bedside teaching rounds with each of the respective ward teams. All levels of the residency from Medical Student to Chief Resident participate. Basic science topics and clinical management issues are incorporated in the discussions.

Journal Club (Twice monthly on Friday in lieu of morning report)

A journal article chosen in advance is discussed. One resident is chosen to lead the discussion on its content, merit, and clinical applicability.

Trauma Conference (Twice monthly on Friday in lieu of morning report)

This is a conference at which interesting trauma cases are reviewed. All members of the Department of Surgery and the Department of Emergency Medicine are invited. Cases which involve multiple services and involve complex management problems are preferred. Management of trauma patients in the urban environment as well as in the field is discussed.

Trauma QI

A monthly multidisciplinary meeting where trauma cases are presented and recommendations for improvement in trauma care, from pre-hospital to rehabilitation are discussed.