General Surgery Residency Program

Rotations at Affiliated Institutions

WBAMC augments resident training in surgical care of high volume penetrating trauma, burn surgery, transplant surgery and community surgery with rotations at affiliated hospitals.

Residents rotate at Chandler Regional Medical Center in Chandler, Arizona (a suburb of Phoenix) for a total of ten months during their PGY 2-5 years. Chandler Regional Medical Center is a Level I trauma center which also has an acute care surgical service. The number of months spent at Chandler each year are as follows:

Burn care is taught by the Arizona Burn Center (ABC), which is part of Maricopa Integrated Health in Phoenix, Arizona

Pediatric surgery is learned during a community rotation at El Paso Children's Hospital in El Paso, Texas during the PGY4 year.

Transplant surgery, to include patient selection, organ harvest, preoperative patient preparation, management of immune suppression, technical aspects of transplant surgery and post-operative transplant patient care, are learned on the transplant service at Chandler Regional Medical Center. Residents also learn how to manage immune suppression and its complications and to identify and treat graft rejection. This transplant rotation is combined with the cardiothoracic service which gives the resident unique exposure to required training in cardiothoracic surgery.