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Centering Pregnancy®


What is CenteringPregnancy®?

This is a new concept in pregnancy care. It allows you to experience your pregnancy with other women of similar circumstances and learn from and support each other.

Groups of pregnant women with similar due date experience pregnancy together.

A facilitator, usually an Advanced Practiced Nurse (Nurse Practitioner or Certified Nurse Midwife), helps the group work through issues related to the pregnancy, delivery, care of the baby, non-medical, and other social/relationship issues.

The pregnant women, you, determines the agenda of the meeting.

The central themes of CenteringPregnancy® are Assessment, Support and Education.

Through group discussions, sharing of experiences, and sharing of emotions, each participant learns about themselves and their pregnancy.

The facilitator help the group discuss various aspects of health, pregnancy, relationships, and care of the newborn.

Education topics includes nutrition, common pregnancy problems, family issues, parenting styles, relaxation measures, comfort measures for labor, stress reduction, exercise/relation, nutrition/infant feeding, oral health, birth preparation and recovery, sexuality/birth control, etc.

The group usually develops a network of support for each other throughout the pregnancy, and many times, after the pregnancy.

Each participant learns how to monitor and assess their pregnancy symptoms and to listen to what their body is telling them.

How does CenteringPregnancy® work?

The group have 4 sessions every 4 week during the 16, 20, 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy.

The group then have 6 sessions every 2 weeks during the 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40 weeks of pregnancy.

Each session is about 2 hours long.

Why CenteringPregnancy®?

Most women report having more self-esteem, less stress, better parenting skill, learned more about themselves and their pregnancy.

Some preliminary studies appears to show that women who participates in CenteringPregnancy® have less growth problem of the baby, less preterm labor, less labor & delivery complications, and less abuse after the delivery.

Women who had traditional pregnancy care and then participate in CenteringPregnancy® prefer the CenteringPregnancy®.

If I Have High-Risk Pregnancy, Can I Still Participate in CenteringPregnancy®?

Yes, talk to your provider. Some of our participants have medical problems complicating their pregnancy. These patients see an Obstetrician between the CenteringPregnancy® sessions if necessary.

How do I participate in CenteringPregnancy®?

For more information:

  • Contact OB/GYN clinic, ask for the Centering Coordinator
  • Group Sessions are held on the 4th floor of the Bradley Building in room #4J16