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In delivery, the part of the baby coming down the birth canal first is known as the presenting part. Normally, it is the head of the baby. However, anything other than the head is unsafe for vaginal birth.

There can be significant injury to the baby when delivery is through the birth canal. Sometimes, the baby's head is trapped inside the uterus while the rest of the baby is delivered. Therefore, babies with malpresentation are delivered through a C-section or the mother is given a chance for a trial of External Cephalic Version.

Common Types of Malpresentation

Complete Breech

Frank Breech

Footing Breech

Illustrated cutaway view of a complete breech malpresentation. Illustrated cutaway view of a frank breech malpresentaiton. Illustrated cutaway view of a footing breech malpresentation.

Note: one or both legs can be dangling in the pelvis