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Army Public Health Nursing


SPC Hugo V. Mendoza Soldier Family Care Center (SFCC)
111335 SSG Sims Rd.
Biggs AF Ft. Bliss TX 79918
2nd floor of the Building, Preventive Medicine Section

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 7:30 AM - 12 PM and 1 - 4:30 PM
Closed on weekends and holidays


Prevention is both a concept and a practice. However, in order to turn this concept into practice, we are seeking to forge partnerships with our patients and the El Paso community to develop awareness of the risk factors that cause both acute and chronic diseases, and traumatic injuries. This awareness, coupled with health education, practical assistance, and community support can create behavioral changes that will enhance the health of our patient population and encourage them in the development of healthier lifestyles. Toward this end, we have implemented a wide array of preventive services to help our patient population identify their personal health risks, learn more about those risks, support change in their high risk health behaviors, and promote their optimal well-being.

Health Risks

Many factors contribute to our individual health risk. Some of these factors we cannot control. These are, for example, factors such as heredity and the environment. These uncontrollable risk factors may add to or even multiply other factors to increase the risk of illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Fortunately, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 55% of the factors that influence our overall health are under our control. These include exercise, diet, use of tobacco, use of alcohol, the ability to manage everyday stressors, safety practices, the ability to recognize key changes in our body, and the decisions about when and where to seek medical care.

Some of our behaviors in these areas can increase our risk of disability or premature death. However, by taking responsibility for the controllable factors, we can make changes in our lifestyle that will have a positive impact on our health.

Your primary care provider will help you identify your health risks and once identified, we will advise you on how to realistically and permanently lower these risks.


We accomplish our mission through health promotion activities within the Fort Bliss community. Our services include tobacco cessation education and counseling, annual influenza vaccination campaigns, consultants to the Child Youth and School Services program, health promotion and self-care program, contact tracing and clinical evaluation for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and HIV, animal bites and rabies prevention, latent tuberculosis infection, and a variety of education services for our beneficiaries. These services are directed towards the promotion of healthy lifestyles and prevention of illness or injury. We provide education in the classroom, the unit and other various community locations as well as in the clinic.

Health Promotion Classes

Several classes are available on as- needed-basis to all Fort Bliss beneficiaries and organizations

Tobacco Cessation classes
- Classes offered every month and meets weekly for a total of 4 sessions, each session is 1.5 hrs. at SPC Hugo V. Mendoza Soldier Family Care Center and William Beaumont Army Medical Center. To enroll: call 915-742-1343; walk-in our clinic to sign up; or have your provider send a referral to our clinic.
Tuberculosis Control
- Soldiers and family members with a positive tuberculin skin test are referred to Army Public Health Nursing for evaluation and preventive treatment if indicated
Pregnant Soldiers
- Army Public Health Nursing staff coordinate and advise for the Army Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training education program.
Self-Care Over The Counter (OTC) Medication Program
- Provides participants with information to “take care of themselves” while promoting good health and procedures on how to get obtain a card to use within WBAMC pharmacies to get Over The Counter medications (OTC).
Medication Administration/Communicable Disease
- These classes are targeted toward childcare workers in the centers for child development service and family childcare homes.
Health Fairs
- We support various health fairs/ health promotion events throughout the year according to the current focus of prevention.
Epidemiology and Disease Control
915-742-1343 or 742-1348

Our mission is to establish and follow standard, evidence-based management procedures and ensure appropriate follow-up or referral for all communicable and sexually transmitted infections cases identified in personnel seen by or referred to the Epidemiology and Disease Control Service. This mission also includes the provision of procedural guidance for investigations of actual or suspected outbreaks of bacterial or viral disease.

We provide testing and counselling for Sexually Transmitted Infection and HIV, we manage animal bites cases, and we manage and report notifiable conditions and the Army’s reportable conditions to appropriate agencies. Below are some resources:

City of El Paso Department of Public Health Notifiable Conditions Link:

CDC References

U.S Army Public Health Command Reportable Conditions
Dietary Supplements