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Hearing Conservation

Annual testing of all military personnel enrolled in the Ft Bliss Hearing Conservation Program. This includes testing, unit education and earplug fitting. Testing of all noise exposed DOD civilians Diagnostic audiological services to Active duty personnel. Safety inspections of noise hazardous areas to ensure compliance with various Army regulations. Baseline testing of all deploying Soldiers.

Location of the clinic/services:

SFCC, Mendoza Clinic, 2nd floor

SFCC, Mendoza Clinic, 2nd floor (915) 742-1039 -- Walk-in basis - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 0730 -1130 and 1300-1500; Thursday 0730 - 1130

East Bliss Health and Dental Clinic

East Bliss Health and Dental Clinic (915) 742-4248 -- Scheduled appointments only* - Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 0730 -1130 and 1300-1500; Thursday 0730-1130; Friday (upon space available)
* Please call (915) 742-4248 to make an appointment.


SFMC (915) 742-2524-- Walk-in basis - Monday through Friday 0730-1130