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Correspondence/Records Request

The mission of the Medical Record Administration Branch is to provide accurate, timely, consistent medical information for use in the provision of quality health care while protecting the patient’s need for privacy and confidentiality; to support administrative functions needed to maintain the hospital’s ability to be fiscally sound; to be accountable for our actions; and to meet the needs of the facility for research and education.

The Medical Record Administration Branch consisting of five sections, the Inpatient Treatment Record Section, the Outpatient Treatment Record Section, the Correspondence Section, the Medical Transcription Section and the Ambulatory Data Module Section. These offices are located throughout the hospital. The primary responsibilities of these sections are for the maintenance of both inpatient and health/outpatient treatment records; the accountability and appropriate coding of medical records and outpatient encounters; and the review of records for completeness and accuracy of documentation. The Medical Transcription Section is responsible for the management of hospital’s digital dictation system and transcribed medical reports. The Correspondence Section is responsible for the release of protected health information (PHI) and tracking the disclosure of PHI.

Chief, Medical Record Administration Branch

DRG/ADM Record Coordinator

Supervisor, Inpatient Treatment Record Section

Supervisor Outpatient Treatment Record Section

Supervisor, Medical Transcription Section

Lead Ambulatory Data Module Medical Record Technician

Lead Medical Correspondence