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How to Request Copies of your Medical Records

Active Duty/CAC Card Holders:

Any request from a patient for disclosure of information or documents from his or her own medical record must be requested utilizing the DD Form 2870 (Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information); once completed, digitally sign Block 11. and email to the group email below.

In order to obtain your records, you will need to download and fill out DD 2870. An example of how to fill one out is provided.

DD 2870 Example

Once filled out and saved onto your computer, email it from your government email ( to: Please ensure you encrypt.

Non-CAC Card Requests:

If you do not have a CAC Card, or a government email and prefer to use a personal email address ( yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.), please download this Powerpoint presentation to further guide you on how to send your form in the most secure manner possible. Please ensure you send a legible copy of your drivers license, front and back.


Please visit to download copies of the following:

DoD & VA Data ------->  *Medication profile  *Problems list  *Laboratory results  *Vital Signs  *Allergy profile  *Encounters  *Radiology results

DoD AHLTA Data ------->  *Immunizations


More than likely, because you are no longer in the service, your records are now kept at the National Archives in either St. Louis or San Antonio. We highly recommend you reach out to them first before contacting our office here at William Beaumont.

Go to

If you still feel you need to reach us for records as veterans, please call 915-742-2900 or follow the Non-CAC Card Request instructions.