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Uniform Business Office

The Mission of the UBO is to provide a uniform management system for hospital business functions. The goal of the UBO is to provide accounts receivable management and accounts payable function through the Supplemental or Cooperative Care and Centrally Managed Allotment (CMA) Programs where applicable. Hours of service; Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

WBAMC UBO & Coding Compliance Plan

The Uniform Business Office provides services which range from billing to the verification of patient eligibility. We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to the patients at WBAMC. Please visit the various sections of the UBO to better understand how we may serve your needs.

DoD/VA Sharing Agreement Collection Program

The mission of the DoD/VA Sharing Agreement Collection Program is to collect from the Veterans Administration the mutually agreed to cost for medical care provided to Veterans Administration Beneficiaries. The goal of this program is to submit claims for payment at regularly scheduled intervals, record financial transactions of collections, and maintain an audit trail of transactions.

Hours of service: Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM. Phone: (915) 742-2753.

DoD/VA Sharing Agreement

The Agreement

On May 4, 1982, Congress enacted Public Law (P.L.) 97-174, “The Veterans’ Administration (VA) and the Department of Defense (DOD) Health Resources Sharing and Emergency Operations Act.” This Act amends Title 38 of the United States Code (U.S.C.) Section 5011, now Section 8111, for the purpose of promoting greater sharing of health care resources between the Veterans Health Administration (VHA/VA) and the Department of Defense (DOD).

The primary purpose of P.L. 97-174 is to promote health care resources sharing between the VA and DOD (HA) Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs). The purpose of the VA/DOD Health Care Resources Sharing Program is to encourage the cost-effective use of Federal health care resources by minimizing the duplication, and the under use of health care resources, while benefiting both VA and DOD beneficiaries.

Program Purpose

The above cited Act directs the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) and the Secretary of Veterans Affairs (SECVA) to develop “VA/DOD Health Care Resources Sharing Guidelines,” that will:

  1. Maximize the sharing of health care resources between the two Agencies, and
  2. Result in reduced costs to the Federal Government by minimizing the duplication and/or under use of health care resources. In addition, such health care resources sharing should not adversely affect the range of resources or services, the quality of health care, or the established priorities for health care services provided by either participating Agency.

Resource Sharing

The sharing of health care resources, and the developed VA/DOD Health Care Resources Sharing Guidelines are not intended to interfere with either existing VA/DOD (HA) policies, or with the practices for the delivery of health care resources or services to the recipient beneficiaries of both Agencies. Resources Sharing Agreements should only be implemented when an MTF has excess resources and services that are not being used by the respective VA or DA (Army) Medical Treatment Facility. Those Resources Sharing Agreements requiring additional or higher resources capacity, than ordinarily necessary, require VHA/VA and/or DOD (HA) approval.

Legal Authorities

The legal authority for the creation of the VA/DOD Health Care Resources Sharing Program is “The VA/DOD Health Resources and Emergency Operations Act” (enacted on May 4, 1982, as Public Law 97-174. This Act is codified as Title 38 United States Code (USC) Section 5011 (now Section 8111)). “Enhanced Authority” is also found in Public Law 102-585, as amended on November 4, 1992. All Resources Sharing Agreements will be developed and implemented in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the VA and the DOD, entitled “VA/DOD Health Care Resources Sharing Guidelines,” agreed to by both Departments on July 29, 1983. The same authority also applies to the DOD (HA) Memorandum, Subject: “VA/DOD Health Care Resources Sharing Reimbursement Guidelines,” dated May 17, 1989.

The above authorities establish the policies, provides guidance, prescribes the procedures, and assigns the responsibilities DOD (HA) and VHA (VA) for the administration and management of the “VA/DOD Health Care Resources Sharing Agreement” processes and procedural protocols for the respective participating Federal Agencies.

Read more regarding the DoD/VA Share Agreement on the AMEDD DoD Resources Sharing Program web site.

Eligibility and ID Cards

Determining Eligibility

The WBAMC Treasurer’s Office determines eligibility of active duty, reservists, veterans, NATO personnel, and other persons affiliated with the government when eligibility for care can not be verified at the clinic using a government issued ID card or orders specifying eligibility for medical care. The patient’s eligibility for care will determine whether or not the patient will be billed for services.

If a patient is eligible for care but does not have an ID card, our office will issue a valid temporary treatment authorization (WBAMC Memo 5020) only if the patient is shown it be eligible for care in the National DEERS database. The patient is also required to provide us a valid ID card with in 30 days after the receipt of the temporary treatment authorization or they will be billed as a civilian emergency. You may call the ID card section on Fort Bliss at 915-568-2000 for questions related to obtaining an ID card.

Confiscated ID Cards

ID cards are routinely confiscated by the clinics and the hospital Treasurer’s Office if the ID card is expired, mutilated, or fraudulently used. The beneficiary will receive a receipt for the confiscated ID card which will be used to obtain a new ID card at the ID card section of Bldg. 500 on Fort Bliss. The beneficiary will also receive a temporary ID if it is determined that he/she has continuing benefits. Confiscated ID cards will be turned over to the Fort Bliss ID Card Section for disposition.

It is the responsibility of the beneficiary to provide proof of eligibility to the Hospital Treasurer’s Office within 30 days (e.g., valid military identification card). If the valid military identification card is not presented to the hospital treasurer’s office with in 30 days, the patient/sponsor will be billed at the established civilian emergency rate and after 60 days from the date of treatment the unpaid account will be transferred to Defense Finance for collection action.


If you have any questions regarding eligibility or ID confiscation, feel free to contact the WBAMC Hospital Treasurer’s office at 915 742-2159.

Medical Affirmative Claims

The Mission of the Medical Affirmative Claims (MAC) is to enact the Federal Claims Collection Act (31 U.S.C. 3711-3720A), (42 U.S.C. 2651-2653) and 4 CFR 101-105. The goal of the MAC is to recover the reasonable value of medical care rendered for injuries or illnesses provided at Government expense to DoD beneficiaries under circumstances creating third party tort liability.

What is a MAC?

If you are a service member, retired from active service or family member of the sponsor and were involved in any type of accident in which a liability may be involved, i.e., motor vehicle accident, animal bite, product liability, slip & fall, or workers’ compensation, your claim will fall under the jurisdiction of the Center Judge Advocate, Fort Bliss, TX. If you were seen in the emergency room, you need do nothing at all. The claim process is automatically initiated. If you were seen at any clinic other than the ER for care related to this incident, our office or the medical claims examiner must be notified in order for WBAMC to retrieve that information for inclusion in your case.

What Can I Expect?

Although each claim is unique, this stage of the process may take two to four weeks from the time you were seen. Within that time frame, you should contact the WBAMC Center Judge Advocate Office with insurance and or attorney contact information at (915) 742-7217. The WBAMC Center Judge Advocate Office office will then contact applicable insurance companies and any attorneys that may represent you; JAG will then request a bill from WBAMC. You will also be expected to keep the MAC office and JAG informed the status and duration of medical treatment related to the particular injury, even if the treatment is intensive and long term.

Although we strive to complete your claim as soon as possible, liability claims have up to three years to be finalized. Some claims take longer than three years depending upon the involvement of the court system. Therefore, in the event you are subjected to unwanted contacts from either the insurance companies or other attorneys, please notify your primary medical claims examiner, at (915) 742-7217, and they in turn will communicate with these parties on your behalf.

Other MAC Information

Points of Contact and Location

MAC is located in the Third Party Collections office, room #1-223d (next to TRICARE). Our telephone # is 915-742-2328 and the office hours are 7 AM - 4 PM Monday-Friday.

Once your claim is initiated, should you require any additional assistance or information regarding your claim, or if you require copies of the billing please contact the Center Judge Advocate representative at (915) 742-7217.

Thank you and we do hope your recovery from this trauma is swift and complete.


Medical Service Account (Payment of Charges)

The Mission of the MSA is to bill and collect funds from DoD beneficiaries, others authorized treatment in the hospital, civilian emergency patients for subsistence or medical services, and provides eligibility for treatment verification. The goal of the MSA is to provide a complete and reliable financial record of financial transactions including collections control, accounts receivable and deposits, collection of funds for copying medical records, and the safeguarding of patient valuables. Hours of service: Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

Payments and Billing

Payments or billing inquiries may be made by either visiting us at the WBAMC Treasures office or by calling (915) 742-6199. We are located on the third floor next to the hospital elevators in Room 3-240.

Patient Trust Fund

The MSA takes great care when dealing with the valuables of patients who are admitted to our facility. Items are inventoried, documented, and secured in a vault. Withdrawals are only allowed with proper identification. Proper identification may be a photo ID of the patient, or a copy of the deposit record accompanied by their medical center armband. If the patient is physically unable to sign for their belongings, the next of kin will need to provided the above mentioned forms of identification Power of Attorney and a witness’ signature will take the place of the patients. If the patient is being discharged after duty hours, the Admin Officer of the Day (AOD) will be notified. The AOD will determine if the patient has an emergency need for his/her belongings and will notify the appropriate personnel to retrieve the items.

Many times valuables are left unclaimed. You can call our office for information if you may have valuables in our custody. We will gladly assist you in the process of reclaiming your valuables.

Additional Information

Third Party Collections

The mission of the TPCP is to collect from third party payers the cost of medical services provided to DoD beneficiaries to the fullest extent allowed under 10 U.S.C. 1095. The goal of the TPCP is to identify DoD beneficiaries with a third party payer plan, comply with third party payer requirements, submit claims to third party payers, ensure collections are made and document collection activities. Hours of service: Monday through Friday, 7 AM - 4 PM.

What is the Third Party Collection Program?

The program is about recovering money from private health insurers for care provided to insured patients. Under this program, William Beaumont Army Medical Center (WBAMC) is required by law to bill private health insurance companies, such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Mail Handlers, Aetna, etc. The President of the United States initiated this law in 1986.

Why Bill Private Health Insurance?

Due to budget cuts, the money collected from the Third Party Collection program will make up the difference in reduction of funds Congress has marked for military programs.

Our Opportunity

An opportunity exists at the WBAMC that will benefit you, the patient, and our facility. It is known as the Third Party Collection program. Your cooperation in this program will help us to enhance the medical care provided to you, our beneficiary.

The key to the success of this program is you and your other health insurance coverage that you or your spouse may be paying for, but not using. The only thing we are asking you to do differently is to submit your insurance information for processing with each visit. We will then bill your insurance company directly. The benefit to you is enhanced healthcare at no extra cost. The money recovered from third party payers goes directly to our facility, to enhance the high level of healthcare you have come to expect from us will continue without costing you any more money.

You can rest assured this policy will cause no delays in your healthcare or claim processing, and absolutely no preferential treatment based on type of coverage or even existence of insurance coverage will result form the Third Party Collection program. Our commitment is to provide you and your family with the very best in healthcare, and the Third-Party Collection program will enable us to do this in these times of severe funding and budget cuts.

The Full Benefit

As you can see, the Third Party Collection program will have no direct effect on your pocketbook, nor will it have a negative effect on our healthcare. Instead, this program will allow us to continuously maintain services and improve our healthcare services. That simply means every time you enter “your hospital,” you can be assured that you’re receiving the very best healthcare available today.

More Questions

If you have any more questions about the Third Party Collection program, or would like to submit your insurance information directly to us please consult our FAQ page or contact the Third Party Collections at:

William Beaumont Army Medical Center
5005 N. Piedras Street
El Paso, Texas 79920-5001
Attn: Third Party Collections
Room 1-223
Phone: 915 742-2444
Fax: 915 742-3604

You are also welcome to stop by our office anytime, we would be happy to assist you.