Department of Ministry and Pastoral Care

Religious Services


Catholic Mass 12:05 PM
1st Saturday of the Month - Catholic Mass 12:05 PM
Weekend Catholic Mass - Saturday 5:00 PM Only
Sunday Catholic Mass - 8:35 AM and 11:35 AM


Sunday Protestant Service
10 AM

The Catholic and Protestant Services listed above are also available for viewing from patient rooms on WBAMC Channel 12, no sound.

The chapel is located on the first floor of the hospital, down the hall from the dining facility, PX and the Barber Shop, RM 1158.

The chapel is open 24 hours a day as a quiet place to think and pray.

Upcoming Events

Cancer Survivor Support Group

Last Thrusday of each month, 7 - 8 PM in 1st Floor Chaplain’s Conference Room

Other Faith Groups

Islamic / Jewish Services

Building 442
JUMMUH (Islamic Service)

12:30 PM during standard time
1:30 PM during daylight savings time

TA'ALEEM (Islamic Teaching)

12:30 PM

Bldg. 442 is open for Daily Islamic Prayer during duty hours.

Center Chapel Three Bldg 1441
Friday Jewish Service
8 PM

Eastern Orthodox

Eastern Orthodox Archdiocese of America


Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library

This Asian Studies library is maintained by Australian National University. The virtual library keeps track of new and important information sources, and seems to be updated regularly. Links to other sources (some also maintained by ANU) are listed by country.


The Taosim Information Page is devoted to scholarly and philosophical information on Taosim. It includes electronic versions of the Tao Teh Ching, the I Ching, and other texts. It is an excellent starting point for finding Taoist resources on the Internet.


Wicca Sourcebook

This site offers excerpts from the Military Chaplain's Handbook and links to other related sites.