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Inpatient Psychiatry Service (IPS)

The mission of IPS is to provide quality acute adult psychiatric inpatient treatment of the full range of psychiatric disorders. Eligible patients include active duty members of all military services, eligible adult family members, military retirees, and Veterans Affairs (VA) beneficiaries.

This ward is a locked unit with 16 beds, including four close observation beds. Our staffing includes two psychiatrists with a staff of psychiatric nurses, psychiatric technicians, a social worker and a receptionist. Occupational Therapy services are also provided.

Admission to this ward requires prior outpatient evaluation. During normal duty hours evaluation for the admission of active duty members is conducted in the CMHS (see below for additional detail). Family members and retirees are evaluated for admission in the OPS of WBAMC (see above). Our VA beneficiaries are evaluated in the VA Clinic. During non-duty hours, admission evaluations are conducted in the Emergency Department.

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