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Infectious Disease Clinic

Second Floor Main Hospital
915-742-2737 / 2504

The vast majority of patients seen by Infectious Disease physicians are hospitalized inpatients with complicated infections. Our clinic patients are adults with chronic infections or those with symptoms that suggest an infection as the underlying problem. We coordinate the management of difficult infections or diagnostic evaluations to determine if an infection is present. People with prolonged fevers, weight loss, and/or drenching night sweats often have serious infections (not always). Your physician can diagnose and treat most infections without difficulty, but they often refer more serious conditions to us with an official Consultation.

The Infectious Disease Clinic can ONLY see adult patients. Children with infectious-type problems receive their care in the Pediatric Clinic. There is a separate sub-specialty of Pediatric Infectious Diseases which manages complex infectious problems in children and infants.

Another common "problem" seen in the Infectious Disease Clinic is Travel Medicine.

The Infectious Disease Clinic is co-located with the Endocrinology Clinic on the second floor of the main hospital, not far from the elevators.