Emergency Department

At the WBAMC ED we are passionate about delivering high quality medical to care to any patient in need of our assistance, and we will never turn a patient away. Although we strive to care for everyone as quickly as possible, the number of patients we can serve per hour is limited by a finite number of beds and physicians. Therefore, patients are prioritized based on the urgency of their complaint. This is called triage. We use a widely accepted process called the Emergency Severity Index (ESI), which is an algorithm for sorting patients into five severity categories:

If you are triaged as Category 4 or 5, any time a Category 1, 2 or 3 patient reports to the ED they will be seen before you. Regardless of how one arrives at the ED, whether by ambulance or by walking, all patients are prioritized by severity (triaged). If you walk in the front door with a heart attack or other serious trauma, you will be rushed to a bed; care for patients who have been triaged to lesser categories will be delayed. If you come by ambulance for an ankle sprain at a very busy time, you may go through the triage process and then wait along with other patients of similar severity.

Our goal in the Emergency Department is to treat, then release or admit all patients presenting for care. Although some circumstances are beyond our control and create delays that are longer than we would like, you may be assured that when you are seen you will be given our careful attention and the highest quality medical care.