Soldier Family Medical Center (West Bliss)

Appointments & Immunizations

Scheduling Appointments: Appointments may be scheduled through Central Appointment at 915-742-2273, on-line at or one of our SFMC Front Desk numbers:

Team A: 915-742-3658
Team B: 915-742-6105
Team C: 915-742-2206
Team Garrison: 915-742-1523
11th BDE: 915-742-2260

Appointment Cancellations: There are two quick options to cancel appointments:

  1. For registered TRICARE Online (TOL) users, go to , log-in and select CANCEL APPOINTMENT in the appointment center.
  2. Central Appointments - 915-742-2273

24-Hour Nurse Advice Line: Call 1-800-TRICARE, Option 1 and Talk to a registered nurse who can:

Immunizations - 915-742-1811

Vaccines are on a walk-in basis for SFMC patients only. Walk-ins are accommodated from 7 - 11 AM and 1 - 3 PM. Patients requiring immunizations from scheduled visits will be seen 7 - 4 PM. Shot records are required to administer vaccines. Patients will also need to be established in our clinic and current on preventive health to be eligible to receive vaccines.

Ancillary Clinics at SFMC Building 2496

Optometry: 915-742-2022
Medical Records: 915-742-4919
Pharmacy: 915-742-1802
Physical Therapy: 915-742-6205
Laboratory: 915-742-3080
Radiology/Ultrasound: 915-742-2260
Audiology: 915-742-2260
TBI/Occupational Therapy: 915-742-4517 / 6007
German Liaison: 915-742-5484
Nutritionist: 915-742-1523
IBHC: 915-742-6105
Population Health: 915-742-3274