Rio Bravo Medical Home Healthcare done Right!

The Rio Bravo Medical Home is an Army-run, primary care clinic, located off-post on the East side of El Paso. Our intent is to bring high quality army healthcare closer to where our families live.

Our vision is to distinguish ourselves as the Premier Patient-centered Medical Home.

Community Based Medical Homes are inspired from the ground up by your ideas and suggestions about how healthcare should be. Those ideas and suggestions are embodied in the concept of the Patient Centered Medical Home, a new model of healthcare being adopted across Military Healthcare and by leading civilian healthcare systems.

The Patient Centered Medical Home is both revolutionary and old-fashioned. Each patient partners with a team of healthcare providers – physicians, nurses, behavioral health professionals, pharmacists, and others – to develop a comprehensive, personal healthcare plan. That healthcare team works with each patient over time to take care of health issues as they arise, ensure delivery of prevention screening and services, manage chronic conditions, and promote a spirit of health, wellness and trust.
At its heart, the Rio Bravo Medical Home is healthcare the way it should be – easy to access, patient-centered, team based and quality focused.

Most healthcare systems don’t engage their patients until they reach out for care, which is not the case here. When you enroll to Rio Bravo Medical Home, you will be assigned a team of highly qualified medical professionals who will provide you with a personalized, comprehensive care plan that meets your individual needs. We want you to take an active role in your own healthcare. Your healthcare team will work with you to provide preventive screening and services, manage chronic health concerns and take care of new health issues as they arise.

Your team consists of nurses, doctors, nurse practitioners, pharmacy staff, behavioral health staff and others who will collaborate with you in your care. At Rio Bravo Medical Home, you are an active partner in coordination, communication, and decision-making— you are the center of your own personal healthcare team.

If you receive care outside the Medical Home, such as emergency room care, inpatient hospital care or a subspecialist’s care, our team will coordinate that care and ensure it is integrated into your personal comprehensive care plan.

Flu Shot Information:

Patients assigned to Rio Bravo Medical Home can receive the seasonal influenza vaccine on a walk-in basis between the hours of 8 AM - 11 AM and 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM Monday thru Friday as available. Please contact the Rio Bravo Medical Home at 915-742-9722 to verify vaccine is available or with any additional questions.