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Army Medical Homes The Inspiration How Healthcare Should Be

Community Based Medical Homes are Army-run, primary care clinics located off-post in the communities where Army Families live. Community Based Medical Homes are located within the community and offer more than convenient location.

Community Based Medical Homes are inspired from the ground up by your ideas and suggestions about how healthcare should be. Those ideas and suggestions are embodied in the concept of the Patient Centered Medical Home, a new model of healthcare being adopted across Military Healthcare and by leading civilian healthcare systems.

The Patient Centered Medical Home is both revolutionary and old-fashioned. Each patient partners with a team of healthcare providers – physicians, nurses, behavioral health professionals, pharmacists, and others – to develop a comprehensive, personal healthcare plan.

At its heart, the Army Community Based Medical Home is healthcare the way it should be – easy to access, patient-centered, team based, and quality focused.

Quality, Service and Access
Patient Centered Medical Home

Army Community Based Medical Homes increase access to primary care, expand the definition of healthcare quality and reinvigorate our commitment to customer service.

The Community Based Medical Home is committed to a higher level of customer service. That higher level of customer service starts with appointment availability, giving you access to care when you need it. From the way you are greeted when you enter or contact the clinic, throughout your visit with your healthcare team, we strive to build your trust in Army Medicine and make it easy for you to say that Army Healthcare is the best available.

In the Community Based Medical Home, you are an active partner in coordination, communication, and decision-making— you are the center of your own personal healthcare team.

In a traditional healthcare setting, the only way to gain access to care is through a face-to-face visit between patient and healthcare provider. We continue to believe that this encounter is the heart of the Community Based Medical Home experience. The face-to-face encounter builds trust, improves communication, and lays the groundwork for providing continuous care by your personal healthcare team.

The Community Based Medical Home starts with the face-to-face encounter and expands from there. Both patients and the healthcare team can take advantage of telephone and web-based communication to follow-up on health issues and concerns, share and update information, and coordinate care delivery. You will have the option to interact with members of the extended care team such as pharmacists, behavioral health professionals, nurses, and others. These expanded access options give patients more flexibility to manage their healthcare while ensuring access to the care they need.