Hugo V. Mendoza Soldier Family Care Center

Patient Information

What to bring:

-Current list of your medications OR all your prescription bottles
-For your safety and to improve the quality of care you receive we strongly recommend that you carry a list of your medications with you to all of your medical visits. If you do not have an accurate list, you can create one using this printable worksheet (or another form that you prefer). Additionally, during your visit at the Internal Medicine Clinic we can provide you with a current medication list.
-Print and fill out a copy of our check-in worksheet

-If you have been seen by our clinic after April 1 2013, please print this follow up worksheet

-If you have not been seen by our clinic since April 1 2013, please print this new worksheet

-Medical records from non-military treatment facilities
For example, network specialists, non-WBAMC ER visits, Colonoscopy reports
-Vaccination records
For all vaccinations completed outside a military treatment facility.