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915-742-2121(Information Desk)

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East Bliss Health and Dental Clinic

East Bliss Health and Dental Clinic

From SPC Hugo V. Mendoza Clinic:
The clinic is located on East Fort Bliss on Torch Street, across the street from the gas station/shoppette. You take SGM BLVD heading east and turn right onto Torch Street, you will go over a bridge and the building will be located on your right.

Via the 601:
Take 601 eastbound, then exit on Constitution and turn left onto Constitution. Eventually make a right onto SGM BLVD heading east and turn right onto Torch Street, you will go over a bridge and the building will be located on your right.


For emergencies, please call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room.

The William Beaumont Army Medical Center Emergency Room is located on the 3rd floor of the hospital (main entrance faces west, toward the Franklin Mountain range).

If you go to the Emergency Room and are determined to be Non-Emergent patients, you can expect a long wait, a referral to quick care, or a referral back to the Primary Care Manager at East Bliss Clinic. East Bliss Clinic offers same day appointments. If you do NOT have an emergency, it is best that you call or go to the clinic to schedule an appointment with your PCM.


Soldier Care: 0700-1630 Monday - Friday (Closed every 2nd Thursday afternoon for training and on federal holidays).
Sick Call as per unit direction

Behavioral Health: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday - Friday
Dental Care: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday - Friday (Sick-Call 0750-1130 M-F)
Medical Records: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday - Friday
Optometry: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday - Friday (CLOSED Thursday PM)
Pharmacy: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday - Friday
Physical Therapy: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday - Friday (CLOSED Thursday PM)
Radiology: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday - Friday


1/1 AD (Soldiers will follow their respective units' directions in scheduling appointments 742-4255)

1-36 BN MEDIC 742-9272

16th ENG BN BN MEDIC 742-9263

2/3 FA BN MEDIC 742-9260

3/41 INF BN MEDIC 742-9262

4/17 IN BN MEDIC 742-9249

501st BSB BN MEDIC 742-9269

6/1 CAV BN MEDIC 742-9261

Immunizations-walk-ins 0700-1530

HHBN (742-2273, option 3, option 4, option 2)
DIVARTY (742-9253)
86th ESB 742-4255

Behavioral Health: (915) 742-9326/9327
Dental Care: (915) 742-9296/9297/9298
Medical Records: (915) 742-9210
Optometry: (915) 742-9234
Pharmacy: (915) 742-9285/9286/9241
Physical Therapy: (915) 742-9245

RelayHealth is a secure message management service that is used to support Army PCMH. One of the tenets of PCMH is to provide the patient an alternate way to communicate with the Medical Home to avoid unnecessary trips to the clinic for administrative issues or to obtain information. RelayHealth has a secure server that allows confidential information to be exchanged between a patient and their PCM without fear of interception by unintended recipients.

RelayHealth offers much more than just a way to message your Medical Home. It is also a way to request appointments and medication renewals, ask questions of either the Medical Home Nurse or PCM, and to receive reminders of future appointments or scheduled testing. Enrollees have access to information specific to their interest or condition—there are approximately 5000 patient information handouts available to search at leisure. It is also a way for the Medical Home to send important information to the patient population (such as when flu immunizations are available or to announce dates when the clinic is closed).

To Enroll in RelayHealth, ask the front desk or screening nurse when you come in for a visit, or go to from your home computer and ask to enroll. In order to enroll you will need an e-mail address, the name of your PCM and Medical Home. After you are enrolled, the team at RelayHealth will contact you to obtain permission from you to activate your account. After that you can use the service as often as you’d like and there is no cost to you. Ask the clinic staff if you have questions.

Patient Information

What to bring:

-Current list of your medications OR all your prescription bottles
-For your safety and to improve the quality of care you receive we strongly recommend that you carry a list of your medications with you to all of your medical visits. If you do not have an accurate list, you can create one using this printable worksheet (or another form that you prefer). Additionally, during your visit at the Internal Medicine Clinic we can provide you with a current medication list.
-Print and fill out a copy of our check-in worksheet

-If you have been seen by our clinic after April 1 2013, please print this follow up worksheet

-If you have not been seen by our clinic since April 1 2013, please print this new worksheet

-Medical records from non-military treatment facilities
For example, network specialists, non-WBAMC ER visits, Colonoscopy reports
-Vaccination records
For all vaccinations completed outside a military treatment facility.

-Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to allow adequate time for parking, check-in and screening. If you need to cancel your appointment at the last minute, please call
(915) 742-2273, option 2.


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WBAMC Optometry Service


The WBAMC Optometry Service provides quality optometric care to active duty soldiers, retirees and their dependents beginning at age four.

Optometry Services Available

  1. Provide all primary care to patients as it relates to the eyes and vision.
  2. Perform diagnosis of visual and ocular problems through external and internal physical evaluation of the eyes and surrounding structures.
  3. Treats visual disorders through the prescription of corrective lenses, vision training, and pharmacological means as indicated.
  4. Provide emergency eye care services from the hours of 7 AM - 4 PM, (M-F excluding holidays) including diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic trauma and other eye-related pathologies. For emergency ocular care outside these hours, all TRICARE beneficiaries are directed to the emergency room.


Contact Lenses

  1. 1. TRICARE covers “Medically Indicated Contact Lenses” only for treatment of:
    1. Infantile glaucoma
    2. Corneal or scleral lenses for treatment of keratoconus
    3. Scleral lenses to retain moisture when normal tearing is not present or is inadequate
    4. Corneal or scleral lenses to reduce corneal irregularities other than astigmatism
    5. Intraocular lenses, contact lenses, or eyeglasses for loss of human lens function resulting from intraocular surgery, ocular injury or congenital absence
    6. "Pinhole" glasses prescribed for use after surgery for detached retina
  2. Adjustments, cleaning, and repairs for eyeglasses are not covered.

Infant / Children Exam Policy

Parents/ Guardians are responsible for your children and family members. It is recommended that only the child that is being examined with an appropriate guardian is in the exam room during your visit. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not the exam will continue is up to the provider if the above is not followed. Please understand this is not only a safety precaution to staff and equipment, but this is needed so that your eye care may continue to be World Class and we can give the patient the attention they deserve.

Information on alternate child care information provided by Fort Bliss can be found at the following link:

Office of the Chief

Chief of Optometry Service
(915) 742-1301
NCOIC, Optometry Service
(915) 742-1309

Mendoza Optometry Clinic
BLDG 11335 SSG Sims ST., BAAF
Ft. Bliss, TX 79916
Phone: (915) 742-1301 or (915) 742-5225

East Bliss Optometry Clinic
BLDG 21227 Torch Rd.
Ft. Bliss, TX 79916

BLDG 2496 Ricker Rd.
Ft. Bliss, TX 79916