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Incoming Military Personnel

WBAMC is a dynamic, modern facility that is full of challenges to all incoming personnel. We welcome you to our facility and area.

On behalf of everyone here at WBAMC we would like to welcome all incoming personnel. We designed this page to ease you in your relocation effort and to make your familiarization with the local area easier. We have also included links to important documentation that you must be aware of for your own convenience and use.

Regular Army, Active Duty, Permanent Party Soldiers

Prior to your arrival in El Paso, all permanent party soldiers with Orders to report to William Beaumont Army Medical Center should request ten days PTDY from their losing station on a DA form 31. Soldier is responsible for picking up the three copies of their signed DA 31 with control number when they sign out from their loosing duty station.

Upon arrival to El Paso, permanent party WBAMC Soldiers should report to Building 505, "Welcome Center," to sign in and receive inprocessing instructions.

  • Soldiers with a DA31 authorizing 10 days PTDY for househunting should then report to Building 500 to receive a housing stamp on their DA 31 (without a stamp, SM will be charged leave for entire PTDY period). Once PTDY is complete, Soldier will sign in and begin inprocessing at Fort Bliss building 505.
  • Soldiers who do not have a DA31 authorizing PTDY must complete inprocessing procedures at Fort Bliss, Building 505, immediately upon signing in - which takes 3-5 days. If Soldier did not receive 10 days PTDY prior to Fort Bliss inprocessing, he/she may request PTDY upon arrival to WBAMC after completion of Fort Bliss inprocessing.

Fort Bliss inprocessing: Soldiers will start at building 505 to receive inprocessing instructions and checklist. Officers should also report on their first day to Building 500, 2nd floor, to inprocess with Officer Management. Once the inprocessing checklist is complete it will be collected by inprocessing clerks, however it is the Soldiers responsibility to keep one copy of the completed inprocessing checklist.

William Beaumont Inprocessing: William Beaumont In-processing: Once Fort Bliss in-processing is complete, Soldiers should report to William Beaumont Army Medical Center Troop Command, located in Building 7304. Soldier will need copies of: completed Fort Bliss in-processing checklist, PCS orders, military records jacket, medical record, and ERB/ORB as appropriate. Soldier will be given a WBAMC in-processing checklist which should be completed within 3-5 days.

Mobilized and Activated Army Reserve Soldiers assigned to WBAMC

Mobilized and Activated Army Reserve Soldiers should report directly Bldg. 2444/2445, the Mobilization and Deployment Operations Center (MDOC), on Cassidy Road, Ft Bliss, TX. to complete all Mobilizing Requirements.

Then the Soldiers will report directly to the Operations/Readiness Division at William Beaumont Army Medical Center, 1st Floor, after finishing at Ft Bliss. Operations/Readiness Division will give an Overview of the inprocessing required and obtain Orders and contact info. The soldier should then report to Troop Command on the 4th Floor of the Bradley Building to begin inprocessing.

Army Reserve Soldiers assigned to WBAMC for Annual Training (AT)

Army Reserve Soldiers arriving for Annual Training (AT) should report directly to the Readiness Division at William Beaumont Army medical Center, 1st Floor, on the date indicated on their Orders. Readiness Division will issue an abbreviated inprocessing checklist. The soldier should then report to Troop Command on the 4th Floor of the Bradley Building to begin inprocessing.

The Soldier will then report to the Department that they will be working with.

Soldiers assigned to WBAMC for training (C Company Students - PNC School, GME, Ancillary MOS Training)

Student Soldiers will report directly to Building 7309, C Company Office, to begin in-processing. This building is located on the right hand side of the road after entering from the Fred Wilson gate to the WBAMC complex. Practical Nurse Course and General Medical Education Soldiers typically will be in-processed in a large group while Ancillary MOS Soldiers will proceed in smaller groups or as individuals through in-processing. Soldiers will be notified as to the correct method of in-processing once they arrive at the C Company Office. Soldiers should report with copies of their orders and their DA 31 (leave form)

Soldiers assigned to Warrior Transition Unit (WTU), WBAMC for medical processing

Soldiers will report directly to the Warrior Transition Unit Office located at Biggs Field, Bldg 459, to begin in-processing. In-processing will include being assigned a case manager for Medical Board Management. Soldiers assigned to WBAMC WTU include: Active Duty Soldiers returning from OIF/OEF/ONE via medical evacuation, Active Duty Soldiers without a local unit, Reserve/National Guard Soldiers returning from OIF/OEF/ONE for medical reasons, Reserve/National Guard Soldiers on Active Duty for Medical Extension Orders (ADME) assigned to the WBAMC WTU.