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Resident Hours & Call

The William Beaumont Army Medical Center Orthopedic Surgery Residency is fully compliant with the ACGME guidelines on resident work hours. Residents’ in-house time is limited to a maximum of 80 hours per week. Each resident will have at least one 24-hour period per week, totally away from the work place. No resident will be in the hospital for more than 30 hours in one continuous period. Each resident is responsible for recording his/her weekly hours and for notifying the Chief Resident if he/she is approaching the hourly limit for that week. Each resident is still expected to devote some time to reading each day outside the hospital environment.

The composition of the call team is a junior resident (PGY-2 or 3), a senior resident (PGY-4 or 5), and an attending surgeon. The presence of a first year resident is dependent upon the PGY-1 rotation schedule. The senior resident may take call from his/her residence. The usual frequency of call days is approximately five per month, depending upon rotations and leaves.

The junior resident is responsible for all calls from the inpatient ward and consultations from the Emergency Room. He/she is to evaluate and treat the patient within his/her level of training and confidence. The senior resident is to be contacted on all emergency operative cases, admissions, possible operative cases, and any situations where the junior resident is in need of further assistance. The senior resident is then expected to come into the hospital, evaluate the patient, and assist the junior resident as needed. If the patient is to be admitted or taken to the operating room, the attending surgeon must be notified. No resident will take a patient to the operating room without an attending surgeon being present.

During the duty day, from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, the on call pager is carried by a PGY-1 resident in the outpatient clinic. If there is no 2nd year, then a midlevel resident will carry the pager. All ER consults will be discussed with a member of the staff prior to disposition of the patient. Inpatient consults from other services will be completed by the Chief Resident after discussion with the appropriate attending.