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OB New Physical Appointment

What is an the new OB Physical Appoointment?

  • Usually done between 8 - 12 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Typically conducted by a Nurse Practitioner and/or Certified Nurse Midwife

Before your new OB physical Appointment

Before your appointment make a list of:

  • Go to the lab a day prior to your appointment to have your bloodword drawn. If you appointment is on a Monday, go to the lab the Friday before.
  • Curernt and previous medical problems.
  • Previous hospitalizations. Bring record available for review if possible.
  • Any minor or major surgeries and complications associated with it.
  • Any current and / or previous female problems (i.e. abnormal Pap smear, Sexually Transmitted infections, pelvic pain, etc.).
  • Any medication that you are taking - those prescribe to you by a healthcare provider or those bought over-the-counter.
  • All pregnancies (terminations, miscarriages, vaginal births, c-sections, stillbirth).
  • For those pregnancy(s) with complications, we need you to:
    • Bring records for review.
    • Find out the exact name of the hospital so medical correspondence can help you request these records.
  • Write down questions and concerns you have regarding any issues.

Day of your new OB Physical Appointment

  • Plan to arrive at the OB/Gyn Clinic at least 60 minutes prior to your appointment time.
  • You will be given questionnaires and forms to fill out.
  • Accurately fill out these questionnaires before you speak with your nursing staff.
  • Bring the health history list you’ve prepared

Issues Discussed During new OB Physical

  • Education is provided regarding:
    • The pregnancy course
    • Labs, both highly recommended and optional ones
    • General health
    • Nutrition
  • Schedule of appointments during the pregnancy.
  • Go over the Pregnancy and Childbirth book.
  • Introduce the concept of Centering in Pregnancy.
  • Go over all your health / pregnancy histories.
  • Discuss any concerns that you may have regarding your current pregnancy.
  • Referral to specialty services as medically indicated.
  • Routine blood tests results are reviewed during this appointment. Other blood tests will be ordered based on your medical / pregnancy history.

This is usually scheduled between 10–12 weeks of pregnancy.

During this visit:

  • Go over your health / pregnancy history again.
  • Go over your blood test results.
  • Physical examination.
  • Pelvic exam
  • Pap smear
  • Screening for sexually transmitted infection of the cervix and vagina.
  • Listen to the baby’s heart beat.
  • An us is done to confirm dating of pregnancy unless one has previously been done.
  • Go over plan for the pregnancy based on your history, the lab tests, and physical examination result.
  • Schedule for follow up appointment.

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5005 N. Piedras St.
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