Obstetrics Education

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The following will be discussed during the OB Education session:

  • Go over all your health / pregnancy histories.
  • Discuss any concerns that you may have regarding your current pregnancy.
  • Education is provided regarding the pregnancy, general health and nutrition.
  • Counseling provided for both highly recommended and optional blood tests done during this pregnancy.
  • Go over the schedule of appointment for the duration of the pregnancy.
  • Go over the Pregnancy and Childbirth book.
  • Referral to specialty services as medically indicated.
  • Provider will order routine blood tests. Other blood tests will be ordered based on your medical / pregnancy history.
  • An examination will not be done unless there is a medical reason (ie. unusual cramping, spotting / bleeding, or if you have other chronic medical problems.).
  • After your Education appointment, you will be directed to make a new OB Physical appointment.