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Pregnancy and Childbirth Handbook

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  • Specialists (physicians, certified nurse midwives, advanced practice nurses, registered nurses, dieticians, and various subspecialty staff from the Department of the Army, Navy, Airforce, and VA) worked together to develop this book.
  • Information in this book is based on the latest and best researched information in the field of obstetrics.
  • The topics in this book are goal oriented to each bench mark of the pregnancy.
  • It is simple to read and understand.
  • You will find in this book, information for the entire pregnancy and childbirth.
  • This book is given to all pregnant woman.


  • Goals for each OB visit.
  • Symptoms that are normal to pregnancy as well as symptoms that prompt a patient to seek immediate care.
  • Explanation of labs and examination done for each OB visit.
  • Explanation regarding the changes in your baby, you body, family dynamic, nutrition and exercise, screening for domestic abuse, etc…
  • Information for active duty women in the three branches of the military.
  • Picture of the female pelvis explaining your pregnant body.
  • Fetal Movement chart.
  • Immunization in pregnancy.
  • Sexually transmitted infections in pregnancy.
  • Nutrition in pregnancy.
  • Labor and Delivery basics.
  • Stages of labor.
  • Information on pain control options when you are in labor.
  • Outline of a birth plan that you can modify to your needs.
  • Baby equipment for the first week after you delivered.
  • Breast feeding.
  • Various birth control methods.
  • Bottle feeding information.
  • Safety tips for baby.
  • Common terms that your provider use throughout the pregnancy.
  • Types of provider that you may encounter throughout the pregnancy.