Medical Service Account (Payment of Charges)

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The Mission of the MSA is to bill and collect funds from DoD beneficiaries, others authorized treatment in the hospital, civilian emergency patients for subsistence or medical services, and provides eligibility for treatment verification. The goal of the MSA is to provide a complete and reliable financial record of financial transactions including collections control, accounts receivable and deposits, collection of funds for copying medical records, and the safeguarding of patient valuables. Hours of service: Monday through Friday, 0730-1630.

Payments and Billing

Payments or billing inquiries may be made by either visiting us at the WBAMC Treasures office or by calling the number listed above. We are located on the third floor next to the hospital elevators in Room 3-240.

Patient Trust Fund

The MSA takes great care when dealing with the valuables of patients who are admitted to our facility. Items are inventoried, documented, and secured in a vault. Withdrawals are only allowed with proper identification. Proper identification may be a photo ID of the patient, or a copy of the deposit record accompanied by their medical center armband. If the patient is physically unable to sign for their belongings, the next of kin will need to provided the above mentioned forms of identification and a witness’ signature will take the place of the patients. If the patient is being discharged after duty hours, the Admin Officer of the Day (AOD) will be notified. The AOD will determine if the patient has an emergency need for his/her belongings and will notify the appropriate personnel to retrieve the items.

Many times valuables are left unclaimed. You can call our office for information if you may have valuables in our custody. We will gladly assist you in the process of reclaiming your valuables.