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915-742-2121(Information Desk)

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  • Coml 915 742-6006 / 4374 (Fax: 915 742-7277)
  • DSN 712-6006 / 4374
  • Mailing Address:

    5001 N. Piedras
    El Paso, TX 79920-5001

Public Affairs Office


Serve as the chief advisor to the commander/command, WBAMC, on public affairs issues/concerns which includes command information, media relations, community relations, and social media to active and retired service members, families and other beneficiaries who receive health care at WBAMC.

News Media

Members of the news media should contact our Public Affairs Officer, Amabilia Payen at (915) 742-6006, or email


  • Acts as the command spokesperson and primary releasing authority for news media for information concerning command programs, policies, activities, issues, staff and patients. This entails preparing and issuing press releases and other information materials, responding to media queries, conducting news conferences and briefings, facilitating round table discussions and coordinating/ facilitating interviews.
  • Accompanies and/or coordinates media escorts for WBAMC and satellite clinics/activities.
  • After input from WBAMC departments and divisions, compiles fiscal year historical report. Per OTSG/MEDCOM Policy Memo 14-043, dated 27 May 2014, IAW AR 360-1, paragraphs 6-8, multiple references cited in Appendix A, 25 May 11, most official and unofficial materials written or produced by OTSG/MEDCOM staff requires public affairs clearance before being released in the public domain whether through general publications, speeches, web-based products, oral briefings, professional medical journals, or other public channels
  • Facilitates the Hometown News Release Program.
  • Serves as liaison for community activities.

Public Affairs Contacts

The William Beaumont Army Medical Center Public Affairs Office answers queries from staff, media representatives and beneficiaries concerning various command and health issues and concerns. All queries will be investigated and answered within the framework of security, accuracy, propriety and policy.

TriWest is the center for information and material for TRICARE.

HomeTown News

At William Beaumont Army Medical Center, it is our goal to tell the William Beaumont story. We want to do that by letting everyone know what you have accomplished during your time here. One of the methods we use is the Hometown News Release Program which is a simple and efficient process that lets us tell your family and members of your community your news while you are assigned to WBAMC.

The Hometown News Release program takes the information you provide and produces a short story. Then, the Hometown News team markets your story to the news agencies in your hometown and to members of your family. It will only take a couple of minutes to fill out the form so your family can see in the news what you’ve accomplished at William Beaumont Army Medical Center. Please be as accurate as you can.

Listed below are examples for which you can complete the Hometown News Release Form DD 2266:

  • Graduation from military schools
  • Promotions
  • Selection to E-9 or O-6 or higher
  • Participation in major exercises or OCONUS deployments
  • Awards of Army Achievement Medal or higher
  • Re-enlistment or retirements
  • Individual achievements:
  • Receipt of college degree, include field of study
  • Non-Commissioned Officer of the Month, Quarter or Year
  • Direct commissions and warrants
  • Competition winners
  • Assumption of command

These are just a few of the occasions you can submit a DD 2266.

The form is self-explanatory or you can click on the help button at the top of the form. The form will be submitted for approval and then sent on to your local news agencies. Please help us to tell your story.

The submission of the DD 2266 has never been quicker or easier, click on the DD 2266 link or going to the internet link

The unit code for William Beaumont Army Medical Center is 229.

Another avenue to submit the form is to print the DD 2266 Form. Complete the DD 2266 by hand and mail it to the office information listed below.

William Beaumont Army Medical Center
5005 N. Piedras
El Paso, TX 79920-5005
TEL: (915) 742-6006
FAX: (915) 742-7277

Date Modified: June 16, 2014