Emergency Communications

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Correct Procedures

  1. Military members and their spouses are to contact their immediate family members to give the service persons full name, rank, social security number, unit and unit’s address.
  2. The family is to call their local Red Cross chapter, the number is in the phone book.
  3. Ask to speak to a military caseworker.
  4. Families will also need the name of the person who is ill or has passed away, where they are located (hospital, funeral home, etc) and the phone number.
  5. The Red Cross will verify the situation and send on to Red Cross who will deliver the message to the military member.
  6. All leave decisions are made by the Commander.
  7. Service members and spouses residing in the CONUS after duty hours may contact the emergency communications center direct at 877 272-7337.
  8. Emergency Communications are available 24/7.