To Serve or Not to Serve

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Why be an active duty Nurse Anesthetist?

When I entered active duty in 1990 to attend anesthesia school, I had no intentions of remaining on active duty after my active duty service obligation. My intentions were to get out and make the big bucks in the civilian sector. My mind changed after being deployed to Mogadishu, Somalia.

I served with a hospital whose sole purpose was to take care of, and save the lives of those soldiers and civilians they provided care for, whether active duty or coalition. The commander and all those who served under him knew how to mentor and take care of his troops. Each and every person looked out for took care of each other daily.

After returning from that deployment, I realized that there can be no greater fulfillment of one's career than having been a part of saving the life of an American soldier who has been put in harm's way. Being an Army CRNA is not about money, it's about helping to save the lives of our soldiers!

Wendell M. Holladay
Chief, Anesthesia Nursing
William Beaumont Army Medical Center