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Director, Phase II
LTC Kimberly Fedele, AN, CRNA, MSN
Assistant Program Director
Ms. Madeline Dunnihoo, CRNA, MHS
Education Technician
Mr. Timothy Westrum

We believe that a structured, supportive, proactive process will assist the Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist to graduate from Phase II and transition into an entry level practice. We believe that a positive work environment is necessary for the successful learning of anesthesia students. We use three different teaching methods at WBAMC:

  1. Academic

    There is an assigned reading schedule with corresponding quizzes. Most mornings before cases, there is a scheduled talk by staff, surgeons, or a student.

  2. There are also hands-on classes which we may use a simulator or actual equipment.
  3. Social / Professional

    We believe that a professional CRNA can articulate and communicate effectively. Students usually present at least monthly a clinical topic as well as case presentations several times weekly.