Admission Requirements

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The following represents a brief summary of the combined, suggested application and admission requirements for the US Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing:

  1. BSN
  2. Two years "time on station" by date that PCS is required
  3. Overall GPA of 3.0 for the last 60 credit hours completed
  4. Undergraduate class in statistics within five years
  5. Undergraduate class in either Biochemistry or Organic Chemistry within five years
  6. At least one year of Critical Care Experience
    Active duty applications with at least one year experience in an acute care setting may be considered for admission contingent upon completing a distance learning didactic program and a structured critical care training program of approximately three months duration (usuallly conducted at BAMC following early PCS to Fort Sam Houston).
  7. GRE within five years: Combined score of at least 1500 on older version of GRE (version that included verbal, quantitative and analytical section). Combined score (verbal and quantitative) of at least 1000 on new version of GRE, plus score of 3.5 or higher on writing component
  8. Letters of recommendation

Admission requirements for civilians and reservists differ in a few very important aspects, and the best source for the most current information in this regard is your local recruiter. The following describes some of the most important differences.

  1. For civilians or reservists, there is no "time on station" requirements because you can be accessed directly onto active duty to our program.
  2. You must meet the requirements for accession onto active duty as a commissioned office in the US Army Nurse Corps. In other words, you may meet all of the requirements for admission into our anesthesia program, but fail to be accepted if you don't meet the requirements to be accessed onto active duty.
  3. For civilians and reservists, you must have at least on full year of ICU experience (as opposed to active duty who may be accepted with one year of acute care experience contingent upon completion of structured critical care training program).