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Army Medical Center

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Since 1921, William Beaumont Army Medical Center (WBAMC) has provided care for military personnel and their eligible family members. We specialize in complete medical care, host a medical education program, and serve as a trauma center for the surrounding community.

Our Mission

Provide innovative, life-saving care to the largest power projection platform in the Army in support of any mission, anytime, anywhere
Cultivate talented medical professionals into tomorrow’s medical leaders through education and cutting-edge research
Promote a safe environment of care to support a System for Health and fitness for our community

Our Vision

The clear choice for a superior, comprehensive System for Health.

Our Website

This Website provides a source of information about our facility in the City of El Paso. It is intended for our Army Medical Department beneficiaries and interested members of the public.

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William Beaumont Army Medical Center is enrolling TRICARE for Life beneficiaries into WBAMC facilities for primary care. Because of changes to TRICARE Management Activity guidelines, beneficiaries age 65 and older may now be seen for their primary care needs in WBAMC facilities. Enrollment will take place at the TRICARE Service Centers located at Mendoza Soldier Family Care Center (second floor), Bldg. 11335 SSG Sims Street, East Fort Bliss, or the WBAMC TRICARE Service Center located on the hospital's third floor, room 3225, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. At the time of enrollment, beneficiaries can request assignment to Mendoza SFCC, Soldier Family Medical Clinic, 2496 Ricker Road, West Fort Bliss, or to the Internal Medicine Clinic at WBAMC. Clinic assignment will be based on provider availability. Additional information will be provided in the May 9 issue of the Monitor, the WBAMC Facebook and the Internet at

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Dear TRICARE West Beneficiary:

Please follow these guidelines for optimal service:

United Healthcare’s customer service can answer all your health care questions over the phone, online and in person at TRICARE Service Centers.

We at UnitedHealthcare look forward to serving you. External link icon

2012 United Healthcare Welcome Package PDF File, Opens in New Window

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TRICARE For Life (TFL) beneficiaries. At the age of 65 beneficiaries become Medicare eligible and are no longer eligible for TRICARE Prime or Standard. When this happens the beneficiary will take the Social Security letter they receive from the Social Security office informing them of Medicare eligibility to the DEERS office, this will automatically provide them with the TRICARE for Life (TFL) benefit.

In short, TFL is simply a supplemental insurance benefit to the Medicare Plan. Our TFL beneficiary must follow the Medicare Plan for their medical care and other services. Medicare is their primary insurance plan. Beneficiaries must also inform their Medicare providers that they have TFL as their supplemental insurance benefit, this will help the beneficiary with additional financial coverage, reducing cost shares and co-payments.

As of January 2013 our MTF has approximately 101,932 eligible beneficiaries. This will encompass all Military Healthcare System (MHS) beneficiaries in all TRICARE categories. Of that, the MTF has enrolled approximately 72,649 TRICARE Prime beneficiaries. William Beaumont Army Medical Center leadership is diligently working to provide as much access and care as possible but is mandated to follow the priority table established by Health Affairs.

As of today, there have been no changes to the TRICARE for Life benefit. If at any time in the future there are changes made to TRICARE for Life benefit, the beneficiaries will be notified by regular mail.

Beneficiaries that cannot obtain care or medical services at the MTF may utilize the TRICARE network of providers and ancillary services.

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TRICARE Offers New Prescription Coverage to Help Kick Tobacco

TRICARE beneficiaries living in the United States now have a new weapon in their fight to kick the tobacco habit. Tobacco cessation medications are now covered through the TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery program.

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